9th - 14th JUNE 2019 - Yanmar - DRAGON GOLD CUP 2019


July 20, 2019 om 1:41 pm

The 2019 Dragon Gold Cup, the 75th edition of this traditional ‘family Dragon event’ since 1937, was completed in the best atmosphere the Dutch Dragon class could dream of as responsible organisers.

The event was organised in the spirit of the class: competitive racing in a friendly atmosphere. Reason why every race started with the complete fleet (96 Dragons) at one starting line of 0,9 nm.
It must be remembered that the DGC is not a Grade One event and not a World Championship. However…the racing is perceived by many ‘professional Dragon sailors’ as the most prestigious serie to win.
Reason why some of the pro’s  expressed their frustration about the last day at the water. It was a beautiful day, however due to a local low with a turning adjacent frontal system resulting is a day long unstable wind, it was not  possible to start a serious competitive final race over a long distance. Apart from this ‘false note’  the Dragon family enjoyed one of the best Dragon Gold Cup events ever. It is all in the reports published at the IDA website.

The IDA Press Officer, Fiona Brown, mentioned in her final report that the organisation and the skilled local race management of the Royal Hollandia Race management team was exemplary.
Next to this the races during five (of six) days experienced all sorts of wind directions and wind strengths, making it a true challenging competition.

The daily free drinks and food after the races, including the daily free lunch boxes for crews, race management, PR staff, staff of the Yanmar sponsoring team and volunteers was applauded as well. So was the very smoothly organised seated dinner for 400 participants at the monumental Bonifatius Church offered by principal partner Yanmar.  The Dutch Night, offered by a Dutch sponsor, with swinging music, BBQ, free drinks and a free tombola for all participants (with many donated serious prizes at a total value of around € 10000) gave the final evening an additional boost for a  ‘feel good’ atmosphere.

The very well run final craning operation, guided by experienced Dutch Dragon sailors who correctly waited for the non-Dutch teams to be craned first, resulted in the final applause for this much appreciated event.

The conclusion is simple:




One of the starts at a 0,9 nm long starting line
The fleet approaching the down wind gate
Sufficient space around the marks