9th - 14th JUNE 2019 - Yanmar - DRAGON GOLD CUP 2019


April 12, 2019 om 10:21 pm

On April 12 a team of members of the Organisation Committee and representatives of the title sponsor Yanmar visited Medemblik to tick off a few items for the event.
Hotel Medemblik, the Bonifatius Church (first construction in 1402) where the Yanmar Night will be held for some 400 participants, Café Brakeboer, the social heart in the center of the Oosterharbour, the plans for the lay out of the Oosterharbour and last but not least a meeting with an inspiring couple who run the ‘Inloophuis’ in Medemblik.  In a special news item we will present this safe haven for people suffering from serious diseases. A safe haven also for their next of kin to help them to cope with the consequences of the disease of their beloved.


Jack Brakeboer overlooking the still quit and chilly Oosterhaven in Medemblik. It will certainly be less quit from 8 – 14 June.

During this ‘day at the office’  we all were confronted with the motto: ‘Attention to detail’

–  what are the exact measurements of the quays and the available free space for the dinner tables….
–  what will be the protocol during the official opening?
–  how many guest will be joining the event on what day as spectator?
–  how many spectator boats do we require?
–  how can we fit 400 guests in the Bonifatius church for the dinner during the Yanmar Night ?
–  how flexible can we be in case we will have 120 entries?
–  how do we deal with the required sound systems and required projection screens
–  how do we tastefully decorate a classic monument of the 15th century?
–  for the Yanmar team is was important to understand how he fleet will be moored at Oosterhaven
–  and to give them an understanding of the planned ferry service and options for banners
–  to discuss how we will organise the other sponsored evenings and ‘happy hours’
–  how we will organise the daily prize giving and final prize giving ceremony after the craning out
–  what music we will require when
–  when the Dutch night will start with the BBQ and with what kind of life music
–  what the protocol will be during the Yanmar Night
–  and many many more issues.

During such a day one realises how many hours by professional staff from sponsors, volunteers and dedicated Dragon sailors are spend to prepare a Championship event like this Yanmar Dragon Gold Cup 2019.
Why do we do this? Because the Dragon Gold Cup event fosters the spirit of the class since 1937. It is this spirit that keeps the home fleets of many Dragon associations alive.


The Bonifatius Church in Medemblik was constructed in 1402. Build on an artificial hill (terp) to allow citizens to keep their feet dry during spring tides and northerly storms.
To raise funds for the cost of maintenance the church is rented out to facilitate large groups for their need of a large space. Such a space is not available in the neighbourhood of Medemblik.
We are very grateful to the Board of Trustees of the (Protestant) Bonifatius Church to allow us to have our Yanmar Night is this unique monument of 15 th century Dutch craftsmanship.