9th - 14th JUNE 2019 - Yanmar - DRAGON GOLD CUP 2019

SPONSORS for the TOMBOLA Thursday 13 June

May 29, 2019 om 8:40 pm

One of the traditions of the Dragon Gold Cup (since 1937) is that it is a family affair. Dragon friends who join together for a serious competition also join together for fun after the daily race. That is exactly what we want to achieve during the 2019 event.

One of the seniors of the Dutch Dragon fleet, Guus de Groot, fully supports this concept since years. Therefore he and his project development  and construction firm Van Omme & DeGroot gratefully sponsors a Dutch Night with food, drinks, music and a tombola on Thursday 13 June.

Thursday evenenig will be the evening when the adrenaline needs to be tempered for those who still have a chance to win the Gold Cup on Friday.
It is also the night when those who cannot win anything more can start to have a party.

But ….to allow every participant to win a prize during this event, we will organise a TOMBOLA with serious prizes.

We are very pleased to offer:

– Gifts by Yanmar Marine International
– a genua or spinnaker by Fritz Sails, sponsored by André Dupon’s firm Making Waves
– two bags for sail gear plus additional merchandise by North Sails
– a waterproof ruck pack offered by Code Zero
– special dock side fenders and a tacktick by Doomernik Yachts
– Unique bracelets by Pig & Hen offered by Dominic Bakker
– A carton of 12 DGC Special Premium Light Ale as is sponsored by Lakeview Consultants ( may be one more carton….)
– and more small goodies that will make you smile.

Therefore we invite all crews to join this party on Thursday 13 June at Gold Cup Plaza where a Blues/Rock/ Disco band of nine musicians will make you smile.

In case your sail number is a winning number and no representative is present: too bad…..however….the better for other boats who have not yet scored a prize.