9th - 14th JUNE 2019 - Yanmar - DRAGON GOLD CUP 2019

POR 84 ( Team Pedro Andrade) WINS YANMAR DRAGON GOLD CUP 2019

June 16, 2019 om 10:19 am

Thursday 13 June / Friday 14 June

After race 5 on Thursday 13 June, Pedro Andrade took the lead of the fleet of 92 Dragons. It had been a challenging day where Pieter Heerema (NED 412) was able to repair his score of race 4 on the very windy, wet and cold day of the week.

Everyone in the top of the fleet was anxious to go out and sail the last 6th race on Friday 14 June. It was again typical Dutch weather on Friday morning. Calm wind from the south and a patch of rain coming in from the North Sea. Of course with the usual shifts. It started to rain indeed during the first attempt to start. The AP said it all. As could be seen on the weather radar, the clearer air would be arriving around noon. It did indeed but it was very light and variable resulting in different directions and strengths at the course. As ‘The voice’ on VHF explained: we do not want ‘ Mickey Mouse’ races. The outcome would be unfair in case a lucky lift would result in a completely surprising score.

After 14:30 there was still unreliable wind around the course. Consequently the attempt to race was stopped.
The boats were directed in a ‘military way’ to the waiting shore team and their three cranes. Within 2hrs 20 minutes all 90 Dragons were on their trailer at the parking spot so all could join the prize giving ceremony at 17:30.

The winner takes it all

The team POR 84 and happy, friendly Pedro Andrade in particular,  took it all indeed. The received the full Champagne shower from the crew of NED 412 while Peter Gilmour and his team (JPN 56 3rd) observed it all.

The Corinthian winner was Dragon and Soling legend Poul Ricard Hoi-Jensen and his GBR 822 team Chris Brittain and Hamish McKay. SWE 401 became 2nd and NED 422  third.

The Nations Cup was won by the GBR fleet, thanks to GBR 820 (Grant Gordon) GBR 822  (Poul Hoi-Jensen) and GBR 761 (Gavia Wilkinson-Cox)

The Silver Cup was for NED 275, finishing 45 out of 90 boats racing on 13 June.

The Organising Committee is grateful to all participants who have joined this 75th edition of the Dragon Gold Cup. In particular we are grateful to our title sponsor Yanmar LTD and the other companies or Dragon sailors who contributed to make this event a great succes ashore. And we applaud for PRO John Borsboom and IRO Rob Hoogstra and  the team of the Race Committee for the way the dealt with the challenge to lead a demanding fleet of more than 90 Dragons on one starting line.

Last but nog least we applaud for the many volunteers, members of the Royal Netherlands Yacht Club, AZRV, WZW, Kaag and other clubs closely connected with the Dutch Dragon Class. Their love for the class produced an enormous wave of energy and organising power. It is this combined passion that is the secret to deliver a really GREAT EVENT.