9th - 14th JUNE 2019 - Yanmar - DRAGON GOLD CUP 2019

Parking and Craning

Upon arriving at the Regatta Center in Medemblik you can find a spot for your trailer on the (free) parking.
This is where you rig your Dragon and where the Chief Measurer and an assistant Measurer will check your Dragon according to the current Class Rules.

Inside the Regatta Center is the temporary Race Office (6,7 and 8 June) for registration, crew weighing and final instructions, like the Final NoR and final SI.
This temporary Regatta Office / Secretariat will close on Friday 8 June 18:00 to move to the Regatta Office of Royal Hollandia at Oosterhaven for the rest of the week.
This Regatta Office at Oosterhaven will be open daily from 08:00 hrs. Both for Racing issues and for social, medical and logistic issues.

In case the Chief Measurer would like to verify the sails, as entered on the Sails Declaration form (max 8 sails are allowed during the Dragon Gold Cup) the check will take place inside the Regatta Center.

The International Jury will have their meetings and hearings in the ‘Grande Salle’ of Café Brakeboer, opposite the Race Office at Oosterhaven.

After all preparations are being dealt with for each Dragon (team) and the shore crew has fixed the required stickers / numbers on a Dragon, the crew will be allowed craning the Dragon.
A temporary berth at the Regatta Center harbour shall be used on 7 and 8 June as long as the moorings in the Oosterhaven are not yet in place.

NOTE 1: There will be no craning on June 6th, since the measuring will have to be done ashore from 7 June.
NOTE 2: Only Dragons with material damage that need to be craned before the end of the Regatta are allowed to find a temporary mooring at the Regatta Center harbour ( max 1 day) after approval of the Organising Committee upon withdrawal from the racing.

Before or during or after the Practice Race on Saturday 8 June, all Dragons will leave the Regatta Center harbour not later than 18:00 hrs and moor the Dragon at the assigned mooring in Oosterhaven, according to the given number.

The shore team will take care of the parking of the trailers in logically formed  lots, indicated with stickers.
Spare sails can be taken from trailers to the Oosterhaven, where guarded storages cabins will be available on the quay.

During the event the parking of cars will be at the free parking of the Regatta Center. It is a 5 minutes walk from the Bungalow Park Zuiderzee to the Regatta Center and 10 minutes to the Radboud Castle where tenders will provide for a ferry service to/from the north side of Oosterhaven. That is why it is advised not to bring a car to the parking of the Regatta Center if you do not desperately need a car.
A very good means of transport in Medemblik is a bicycle. The Bungalowpark Zuiderzee facilitates the rental of a bicycle. Bicycles can also be rented via a local company. (Ask the Secretariat)

On Friday morning 14 June before racing starts all spare sails and other material will have to be moved from Oosterhaven to the trailers. After the final race all Dragons have to return to the Regatta Center harbour, where the craning is foreseen.

During the craning the shore crew will manoeuvre the trailers according to the queu of the boats waiting for the crane. A quick wash of the underwater ship (with a bucket / water/ soap / sponge) will be permitted before the Dragon is settled on its trailer. No wash of the whole boat is foreseen, given accumulated delays. The shore crew will drive the trailer and Dragon to an allocated / separated  parking space where the boat can be cleaned an be prepared for transport.
Only do so after the prize giving ceremony or when you will depart prior to the prize giving ceremony..