9th - 14th JUNE 2019 - Yanmar - DRAGON GOLD CUP 2019

Menken Maritiem : sponsor of the support fleet

May 15, 2019 om 8:59 am

Bernard Menken, keen yachtsman and entrepreneur, will sponsor the support boats for the ferry service and for spectators.
He provided the same service during the Dragon Gold Cup 2014 in Medemblik. This was very much appreciated by the fleet, since the walking distance from the free parking to the Dragons was reduced substantially. After a walk of  2 or 3 minutes from the parking at Regatta Center along the historic Radbout Castle the ferry will be waiting for you or coming from the other side of Oosterhaven.

A New York CAB type harbour tender will be the principle ferry. Other boats will be standing by during the rush hours.

Menken Maritiem will also show a seaworthy Riffler tender during daily trips for spectators (relations of sponsors) to observe the fleet racing.
This tender of 12 meter long, owned by Dragon sailor Coen Verhorst, is equipped with two Yanmar 315 turbo diesel engines and Hamilton jets.

The third yacht that will be available for spectators is the newly launched Flyer. An easy to handle 32 feet sailing yacht.

Bernard Menken is proud to say that his customers often tell him that they are on the receiving end of compliments when they pass by with their boat.
“Our boats have that “thumbs-up effect” because we have a slightly different look at our profession. With us, naval architect and engineer Martin de Jager, is given ample space to design beautiful, complex and labor-intensive boats. With Neil Fernando in Sri Lanka we build them cost-efficiently under ISO9001 and CE certification. The result is that distinctive boat, which proves with every trip that another choice would have been “second-best”.

Bernard Menken and his team will be looking forward to welcoming you at their yard in Ter Aar.

Please call during the period of the Dragon Gold Cup 2019  in advance on +31-172-604742 or
mail bernard@menkenmaritiem.nl to ensure the boat of your interest is actually present.


Menken Maritiem BV

Bernard Menken

24/7: +31 653-207504