9th - 14th JUNE 2019 - Yanmar - DRAGON GOLD CUP 2019

Jacob J. Roosjen : SPONSOR of the SILVER CUP and DONATOR DGC 2019

April 26, 2019 om 10:06 am

His passions

 Jacob is a man with passions. Antique European silver and Dragons. His attention to detail is one of his competencies. One will expect this of an expert of antique silver. This attention to detail can also be observed when you look at his two Dragons. His NED 234 ‘Earl Green’, a Børresen from 1991, has been renovated into a shining beauty. Like collectors who polish their antique cars, this boat is well prepared to go sailing during a nice summer evening at a local lake (Loosdrecht) near Jacob’s home town. And his Petticrows NED 380 ‘Silver Swan’ is annually checked like a classic car is checked before driving. Jacob will check all elements of the mast, shrouds, halyards, blocks and shackles before the ‘Silver Swan’ is going into the water at the Royal Netherlands YC where Jacob will be sailing her at the IJsselmeer from Muiden.

For those who are interested in Jacob’s silver catalogue we advise to visit his website:


The Silver Cup

During the Europeans 2009 in Saint-Tropez Jacob, a true Corinthian, participated with an unfamiliar crew.  His two sons normally crew with him, however their hormones drove them to other priorities. Given the 110 participants in Saint-Tropez, the fleet was split into four sub groups. After the round robins NED 380 was not good enough for the Gold Fleet and thus competed in the Silver Fleet, racing for three days behind the 55 boats that had made it into the Gold Fleet.

Jacob then asked: ‘What are we racing for?’

This question was left unanswered, since there was no prize for the winner of the Silver Fleet. As a result a group of 10 teams who were friends and friends of friends decided to battle for a sculpture of a Dragon, made by one of the Dragon sailors. It was Sue Shapiro with Ant Law (Burnham Fleet) who won this (unofficial) trophy of 2009.

This happy moment inspired Jacob to sponsor a new award, a special Silver Cup for the Dragon Gold Cup Series. For this purpose he donated a large pure silver bowl from 1917, which he had requested to be painted in vibrant colours, reflecting the colours of the spinnakers. This was done by Diana Roig, a Dutch artist. The Silver Cup is to be given for a year to the skipper who wins the Silver Fleet or – if no Silver Fleet is sailed – for the skipper who will finish in the middle of the entire fleet.

It will become the 6th year for sailors in the middle of the ranking list of the fleet to set their eyes on this precious trophy and aim for a rather funny calculated score and some luck. Dutch Dragon Class president Klaas Ruigewaard was the winner of the Silver Cup in Helsinki 2018 and fosters the Cup at home until 7 June 2019.

Details about the Silver Cup can be read by scanning the

It is also very much appreciated by the Dutch Dragon sailors that Jacob is always willing to support the budget of a major event. The fleet will certainly applaud for his support for the Dragon Gold Cup to help in realising a splendid event.

Jacob and Annelize Roosjen enjoy a day at Westeinder Lake during the Easter series observing the Dutch fleet racing.