9th - 14th JUNE 2019 - Yanmar - DRAGON GOLD CUP 2019

INLOOPHUIS Medemblik at Oosterhaven adopted by Dutch Dragon Association and Yanmar

June 2, 2019 om 1:09 pm

It was evident for the Dutch Dragon Association that the Dragon Gold Cup 2019 Event should not only be a lot of fun and pleasure for the Dragon sailors. We also would like to share our pleasure with local people who are less favourable in life.

During a meeting with the Mayor of Medemblik the Dutch Dragon Association raised the question if we could adopt a local association or foundation to create more awareness and publicity for them during the event.  The suggestion of the municipality was to meet with the hosts of the local ’Inloophuis’ at Oosterhaven 11.

We are very pleased that our title sponsor Yanmar is also interested in contributing something to the Medemblik community in return for their hospitality during the week of the Gold Cup event. Together with representatives of Yanmar we visited ‘Inloophuis Medemblik’ on April 12th.

Founded by an inspiring couple that won a battle against cancer twice, the’ Inloophuis’ in Medemblik is one of the first ‘Open houses’ for people with a serious decease. It is also a warm environment with a shoulder to cry on for the next of kin who also are confronted with the consequences of a serious decease of their beloved.


Tom and Tonia van der Wal manage this house on a voluntary basis. They facilitate meetings for different groups with different needs. It is open for patients and their families who would like to discuss or just express their concern, express anger or just ask for advise. It is a place where (ex) patients exchange their experiences. And it is a place where a hug and attention is given to those who need it. Tom made it clear that it is not a refugee for homeless or alcoholic people. He made a joke in saying: “Those are clients for Café Brakeboer”.

The target groups that are welcomed at ‘Inloophuis’ are children and adults with serious cancer, their parents and close family. Or people who suffer from burn out, people who feel lonely after their partner passed away, young children with eating disorders or other relatives of those patients who have questions that ’boggle their minds’.

Both Yanmar and the Dutch Dragon Association have concluded with Tom and Tonia to invite several small groups of their houseguests to join us during the social events when life music will be played in front of Café Brakeboer.

Apart form this invitation, we will kindly invite Dragon Sailors and other friends involved during the Gold Cup event to support the ‘Inloophuis Medemblik’ in a financial way as well, especially since it is an ANBI Foundation according to Dutch Fiscal Law. This means that donations via their Rabobank account are deductible for Dutch tax payers in a favourable way.

Tom, Tonia and their trustee friends are full of plans and ambitions to extend the concept of care and attention to other patient groups. However they are constraint given their present annual budget of € 45000.

Therefore we invite participating Dragon teams to donate as well. Donations can be transferred directly via the donation link at website www.inloophuismedemblik.nlor straight away via IBAN NL83RABO 0387530924.One can also visit them at Oosterhaven 11 during the event and learn more about their concept.  To conclude for yourself that this great initiative by an ex cancer patient should be made available for all those patients who are now dreaming of being able to go sailing as well.


Inloophuis Medemblik 
Oosterhaven 11
1671 AA Medemblik
KvK : 57961573
ANBI fiscaal nummer: 852811627
Rabobank : NL83RABO 0387530924