9th - 14th JUNE 2019 - Yanmar - DRAGON GOLD CUP 2019


June 7, 2019 om 9:47 pm

The weather stations in NW Europe have a great time in forecasting the amount of thunder, wind and now sunshine as well.
Having coped with an increasing wind on Friday afternoon, the volunteers handling the trailers and the craning operation with two cranes, did a great job. The majority of the Dragons (some 65) are now berthed in the more sheltered Oosterhaven.

We also learned that the battery powered ‘Mover’ facilitated by Jacob Roosjen is the handiest tool one can have for manoeuvring Dragons on trailers in a confined space. Each Dragon fleet of some importance should have one available during major events.
May be a tip for our friends in San Remo for the 90th Anniversary event.

Whilst the Dragons were being towed by RIB’s from the windy Regatta Center harbour to the calm Oosterhaven Jack Brakeboer was preparing his logistics as well for a fleet returning from a race. He is ready to open the beer pump. And the gathering of Dragon friends last night at Brakeboer gave a good impression of the fun we are going to experience during the coming days with lovely sailing conditions after the storm is expected to calm down on Saturday night.

Today was also a day full of men in underpants at the Secretariat. The whole crew together on the electronic, calibrated scale with Karin and Tineke as tough ladies witnessing the scores.
We observed teams with great relieve ( 284,6 KG) and great frustration ( 3,4 KG overweight) However at the end of the day one person in particular was smiling a great smile. His team had lost the 3,4 KG. It will most certainly have been celebrated with some beer and burgers after a day without food and drinks…..

We also observed crews wearing proudly the CODE-ZERO blue Yanmar Dragon Gold Cup 2019 Cap with their sail number on the cap. Let us focus on those smiles and prepare for a great week with good races and increasing friendship among the Dragon family present in Medemblik.


Medemblik stayed clear of heavy showers and thunder on Friday afternoon.

Craning continued with an estimated 65 of 96 Dragons now measured and all in the water.

Tomorrow another squall line will pass the Netherlands followed by a strong wind field in the afternoon. Craning will continue as long as weather will permit.




An Atlantic Low of 994 Mb will be passing The Netherlands on Friday late afternoon. The associated system will generate strong winds Bf 7-8 with gusts over 40 knots.

Craning will continue as long as weather permits.

Skippers/Ownwers  are advised to take the appropiate  ‘Seamanship’ action to secure their boats and sails to cope with the expected strong winds.

The Organising Committee has send an SMS Alert message to all registered owners and participants who provided their primary mobile phone number.

A notice is published at the NOtice Boatd in front of the regatta  office.