9th - 14th JUNE 2019 - Yanmar - DRAGON GOLD CUP 2019

Registration has started. First boats crained. READ NOTICE at NOTICE BOARD

June 5, 2019 om 5:15 pm

Wednesday June 5th

After the preparations on Tuesday by some 35 teams the IDA Chief Measurer Günther Ahlers was anxiously waiting today at 9:00 hrs for the first teams to arrive for the measuring procedure and other admin issues. Like the list of sails, the total crew weight, the boat certificate (insurance certificate not required to be shown.. however…. it is declared by all boat owners that the required insurance and cover is available) and to collect boom stickers of our title sponsor Yanmar and trailer stickers to smoothen the craining out procedure. And of course the Yanmar Dragon Gold Cup 2019 shirts, caps and special Ale.

2x Special DGC 2019 Ale Six Packs for the Bungalow fridge and the national Dutch team sport colours for the shirts.


We draw the attention of all teams to the notice signed by the IDA Chief Measurer about the required operation of the switch of the bilge pump. This notice is published on the Notice Board outside the Regatta Office at the Regatta Center. 

See also IDA home page www.intdragon.net


Peter Gilmour and Yasuhiro Yaji (JPN 56) were the first team to call at the registration center

The first boat ready to be launched was JPN 56 of the Yanmar Racing Team.
There was clearly an intention to have a tune up test between some of the top professional teams, however….. the usual wind in Medemblik was switched off. It remained very calm all day.

This wind condition and the longer term Windfinder forecast for Medemblik as today resulted in some nervousness among the organisers and teams present…..What if we will have the doldrums all week next week ? How are we going to deal with the schedule to achieve the required four races? How are we going to deal with the Major and the Official opening when there is little wind on Sunday?

One thing is for sure….the Dutch weather forecast always has a tendency to change over night regarding the longer term forecast. Let’s wait for Saturday to judge the forecast for Sunday.


Impressions form the Medemblik Regatta Center dike.

Tuesday 4 th June

With one day to go to the opening of the Secretariat of the Yanmar Dragon Gold Cup (the 75th DGC Event since 1937) about 35 Dragon owners were very keen to arrive one day ahead of the crowd. Some boats were just parked to be rigged and measured from Wednesday 5th June 12:00 hrs until Saturday 8 June 18:00 hrs.

We also received a late entry from the president of the Russian Dragon Association. We are pleased to welcome Boris Latkin and team !
With a few ‘no shows’ we now have an impressive fleet of 97 Dragons with a good mix of professional teams and Corinthian teams, including ‘new kids on the block’. Exactly the right mix of members of the international Dragon family that the founders of the Dragon Gold Cup (The Clyde Yacht Clubs Association) had aimed for in 1936.

It was very nice to welcome old friends in Medemblik. Stavros was a busy helping lifting of masts ‘left and right’. The Yanmar Racing Team was preparing one of their mast and looked forward to learn the forecast for next week. ( Saturday 8th will be quite windy during the Tune Up Race; Sunday 9th will be a smooth day with Bf 2-3 from the south-east to start the first race. The remainder of the week will hopefully be perfect Dutch sailing weather with Bf 2- 4 and occasional gusts, some clouds, some showers, some shifts and temps around 20 – 22 C)

As we can see on one picture, Tim Tavinors Petticrows Van is already open for clients, fully equipped for cases of emergency.
And Pedro, arriving with NED 411 (Charlotte ten Wolde) in convoy with his V6 “Mercury” was the one with a big smile when he unpacked his set of new Quantum sails that were shipped to the Regatta Center.

Tomorrow (June 5th) at noon we will start with the admin and logistic ‘ train ‘ including measuring for boats on trailers by the IDA Chief Measurer, Günter Ahlers. Boats that will arrive on its own keel (or have been launched into the water prior to the start of the logistic operation) will be grouped to be measured at a specific time slot.