9th - 14th JUNE 2019 - Yanmar - DRAGON GOLD CUP 2019

Van Omme – De Groot sponsors the ‘Dutch Night’ on 13 June

May 9, 2019 om 11:46 pm



 Guus de Groot (NED 309 ‘Furie’) is one of the long time members of the Dutch Dragon class. He started racing as a young boy with his father in the traditional Dutch Regenboog class. During this period he saw Dragons racing and fell in love with the class. In the early ’90 –s he joined the class. Hay Winters and Richard van Rij started to crew with Guus, when Fred Imhoff decided to stop sailing the Dragon. The NED 309 team joined many major events of the class all over Europe. They were also present at the Worlds in Martinique. And even in Uruguay during the unofficial ‘Championship of South America’ in 2007.


Guus was also a member of the IDA executive team. When Guus reflected on his period as vice chairman he said: “ It was an interesting period when the class was going through a phase of revival. That was stimulating. But to come to the best conclusions in an international setting, I observed that conflicting interest and politics did not lead to the best result. In my business and in my business circles in Rotterdam we are straight forward and sometimes ‘recht voor z’n raap’ (we say what we think).


The business mentality in Rotterdam: Think in solutions. Make decisions. Go for it. Not words but results.

Guus de Groot followed the steps of his grandfather and father not only in yacht racing, also as owner and president of the building company his family founded in 1922. Van Omme & De Groot Real Estate Project Development and Constructionsis one of the larger private companies for real estate project development and construction involved in the Netherlands and specially in the greater Rotterdam area. From tailor made houses to new residential areas, offices, shopping malls and hotels. Not only the development and construction, also themaintenance and sustainabilityare parts of the portfolio.

Visit the website www.vanomme-degroot.nl for an impression of the company and their realised projects and plans to be developed.

The Dutch Dragon Association is very grateful to Van Omme & De Groot for her loyal support to major events of the class in The Netherlands. During this 75thDragon Gold Cup Event his company will invite all participants on Thursday 13 June to join a Dutch Night @ Brakeboer with free food and drinks. And there will be a band. Ladies who will sing the hot disco tunes of the ’70 and ‘80’s supported by swinging guitars. All in the spirit of the Dragon Gold Cup event: competitive racing, followed by moments of meeting the friends within the class to have fun as well.