9th - 14th JUNE 2019 - Yanmar - DRAGON GOLD CUP 2019 - REGISTRATION OPENS ON 5th JUNE 2019, 12:00 AM

98 entries at 21 March. Two more to go to welcome the 100 !

March 20, 2019 om 8:33 pm

The latest entries are two Dutch teams. NED 360 (Brave Hendrik) and NED 411 (Olinghi). We are very proud that so many Dutch teams, both top teams and beginning teams are joining this 75th Dragon Gold Cup event. It reflects so well what the founding Scottich Dragon sailors meant in 1937 when they started to share the fun and passion for the class in an international way in the form of the Dragon Gold Cup week.

The latest entries are GER 972 (Challenge) and GER 1205 (Meerblick).  It seems that we are creeping slowly to 100 participants, the number that we have aimed for. After RUS 35 to be helmed by Victor Foglesen BEL 82 and BEL 83 joined the event. Xavier and Anne Vanneste will certainly try to  score a good result after their winter training in Villamoura and participation at the Worlds in Fremantle. For Peter Gryse and his team the IJsselmeer is also familiar water, so a warm welcome to our friends from Belgium.

GER 967  ‘Tante Tori’  joined after FIN 91 of Sami Saloma and SWE 320 ‘Roger Rabbit’ . It looks like the Northern regions are getting into the mood of Dragon sailing after their winter. We would like to see more friends from Russia, Finland, Norway, Sweden en Denmark. There is still room for more participants. It is already nice Dragon sailing weather at the IJsselmeer with the spring time flowers popping out go the warm ground in Holland.

 87 Dragons at the starting line during the 70 th DGC 2014 in Medemblik 

We also welcomed two more French teams (FRA 421 and FRA 428) bringing the total score of French participating teams to five. We hope that they wil promote sailing in Holland among the French fleets after the Dragon Gold Cup. Another welcome to Stavros and his team, including Frank Dobbles and Niclas Jansson. Stavros will be sailing his GBR 789 (Bear), while his ‘Full Speed’ will be in the good hands of an Australian team. We hope to see Stavros before the DGC 2019 in Aalsmeer during the first Grade 2 Event in Holland so we can enjoy a good glas of wine with him and reflect on the developments for the whole class.

  Stavros chasing NED 411 during the Dutch Open 2018 off Medemblik

Keen Dragon sailor and long family member of the class Ron James with his beautiful cold moulded varnished Fei-Lin’s Flirtation (GBR 633) has registered as 86 th entry. Ron will be accompanied by Nigel Young (who knows the IJsselmeer very well) and Ian Turnbull. We are also pleased to welcome two more top teams. DEN 411 with Jørgen Schönherr, Theis Palm and Christian Videbaek, the winners of thew Gold Cup 2018 in Helsink and RUS 76 ‘Rocknrolla’ of Dmitri Samokin and his regular team. With the arrival of those two top teams we will be welcoming now a total of 8 top teams, based on the top 10 of the International Ranking list 2018.

We jumped from 80 to 83 entries during the first few days of February. Sergey Pugachev, who was Gold Cup winner in 2013 and 2014 with helmsman Markus Wieser has joined with helmsman Evgenii Braslavets (no 6 Top list 2018) and Sergey Timokhov. They will be sailing ITA 77 this year with a familiar boat name: Bunker Prince.We also welcome GER 16. Is this one of the first wooden German Dragons ? We will see it when he arrives. NED 400 is the 83 rd entry. Great to see Wout van West with his son Sjors joining the event as well.

 Wout van West sailing his NED 400 with Erik Groot during theDutch Open 2013.

We are pleased that the Brown family, who are regular visiting friends in Holland from the Burnham Fleet, have joined the DGC 2019 with their GBR 770. They are quite experienced in dealing with the shop of the IJsselmeer and perform in general in the top ranking of our national events.  We as Organisation Committee are anticipating as of today to manage an event of some 100 Dragons. Which means another 20 entries to go.

  The GBR 770 and their team of four

Other recent entries are from the Swedish and Danish fleets. We are pleased to see that two Danish teams have joined as early entrants as well. Welcome SWE 345, DEN 322 and DEN 410. DEN 410 helmed by top Dragon sailor Jens Christiansen with the Danish National Secretary Thomas Schmidt as crew. Looking forward to seeing you all.

A not yet known Swedish sail number has registered as 76. Welcome Martin Pølasson, Göran Alm and Thomas Wallenfeldt. We guess they will come with a brand new Dragon. GER 996 is now the 75th entry for the 75th Dragon Gold Cup Event. Due to a team cancelling their entry we had to swap the places. The first 75 th was GER 1164 with Max Glas, Wolfi Steuer and Daniel Fritz on board. If we are not wrong Mark is a boat builder who has also a lot of experience with the construction of Dragons.

And registration number 74 is POR 84, skippered by Pedro Andrade. Pedro will be sailing the DGC 2019 with two men. We wonder what their track record is, since Pedro has done a lot of miles in 2018 with the ladies from NED 411. Pedro, Charlotte, Juliette and Janka did very well in the Dutch Open 2018 and sailed some impressive races in Fremantle with a 7th overall score during the Worlds. We hope to see the NED 411 joining the Gold Cup Event 2019 as well.

Note: In case you want to join the Dragon Gold Cup with a team but don’t have a boat available in Holland: Contact Pedro Andrade, since he is renting out his fleet of Dragons. Call Pedro at +351 913 620 070 or mail Pedro@8dsailing.com

We can look back at a great promotion of the class during the Düsseldorf Boot. Joop Doomernik showed one of his latest beauties and friends of the Rheinland Dragon fleet, in particular Hans (Teddy) Bähr and Gerd Müller presented a new Petticrows that has been delivered by now to the German owner. Also our Dutch member Jelle Dingemans was present in Düsseldorf and has been meeting several Dragon sailors intending to join the Dragon Gold Cup 2019. And to our pleasant surprise Ali Tezdiker, member of the World Champion Team 2019 TUR 1212, showed up in Düsseldorf asking Joop many questions about the construction of runners and the lay out of the Doomernik Dragons.  Of course we asked Ali why he and his team had not yet registered. We invited the World Title 2019 winners to join the other entries.

  Ali Tezdicker, Joop Doomernik, Philip de Koning Gans, Gerd Müller and ‘Teddy’ Bähr at the Dragon Stand Düsseldorf Boot

Yesterday (22 January) we reported a constant flow of entries with a total of 68. Today the entry list jumped to 73, among whom the no 2 during the Worlds 2019, Grant Gordon (GBR 780), SUI 318 ( Wolf Waschkuhn and team with ‘Mr. Petticrows’ Tim Tavinor on board. Welcome also to the team of long time Dragon sailor Marcus Brennecke (GER 1170). As well a warm welcome for GER 1163 with board member of the German Dragons / Regatta Manager Alexander Plath on board. The same applies to GER 1135, the team of Philipp Catmur.

We recently welcomed former IDA Vice-President Stephane Baseden with his team FRA 420 ‘Outlaw’.  Welcome Stephane and team ! We do hope that more French teams will join. It is not too far from Deauville to Medemblik and the restaurants in town are not too bad!  And of course we are looking forward to meeting team JPN 56 ‘YRed’ again in Medemblik. This very sympathetic team became 2nd during the Dutch Open in September 2018 and scored 4th overall during the Worlds. Ali Tezdiker mentioned that both teams (TUR 1212 and JPN 56) had profited from the training they did prior to the World Series. Several Dutch teams will be available for Peter Gilmour, Yasuhiro Yaji and Sam Gilmour as well to train with them at the IJsselmeer prior to the Dragon Gold Cup.



GBR 761 (Gavia Wilkinson -Cox ) with the ‘quartet’ racing during the Dutch Open 2018 in Medemblik


RUS 27 ( Team Anatoly Loginov) surfing down wind at the Indian Ocean off Fremantle in perfect sailing conditions