9th - 14th JUNE 2019 - Yanmar - DRAGON GOLD CUP 2019

YANMAR : Principle partner of the Dragon Gold Cup 2019

May 30, 2019 om 12:42 pm


Since meeting the Yanmar Racing Team in Aalsmeer in 2018 and a Yanmar Night during the Dutch Open 2018, we feel privileged to work closely together now with YANMAR LTD to deliver a fantastic Dragon Gold Cup 2019 Event.

Why does Yanmar participate in Dragon Class Racing ?

The YANMAR Racing sailing team supported by Yanmar, reunited last year and actively participated in a number of 2018 and 2019 Dragon Class calendar events.

With business domains ranging from agricultural and compact construction equipment, to energy systems, industrial engines, components and of course, commercial and recreational marine engines, marine sport and sailing in particular is a way for Yanmar to share in the joy of the sea with those gather under the banner of marine sports. With its brand statement of “A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE”, Yanmar is committed to using its technological capabilities to realize sustainable prosperity and a sustainable natural environment.

With a long and storied history of over 100 years, Yanmar has a natural affinity with the Dragon Class an event with its own long history and traditions. Yanmar believes in power of sport to overcome the barriers of country, race and language in a shared moment of joy.

Yanmar looks to support marine activities in the Dragon Class and beyond, to reinvigorate marine recreation and contribute to a society that offers an exciting life filled with rich and fulfilling experiences.

So far about Yanmar: Let’s introduce the Yanmar Dragon Racing Team

From left to right: Sam Gilmour, Peter Gilmour, Yasuhiro Yaji

Peter Gilmour

One of the world’s top sailors. Peter has a long involvement with the America’s Cup.
His first taste came as helmsman of Kookaburra III in the 1987 Cup, before going to be skipper for Spirit of Australia in the 1992 Louis Vuitton challenger series. He then went to Japan as a sailor/coach for the Japanese team Nippon Challenge for the 1995 Louis Vuitton challenger series and again as captain in 2000. Peter’s America’s Cup career continued in the US in 2003, skippering for team OneWorld Challenge and in 2007 for the Swiss team Alinghi, rounding out an extraordinary six America’s Cup appearances.
Renowed on the match racing circuit, Peter served as the tour director of World Match Racing Tour from 2005 to 2012.

Peter is also a ‘Farming Sailor’ who runs a ‘Wagyu’ Japanese beef business out of his farm in Perth, Australia, and is father of three sons who are also talented sailors.

Yasuhiro Yaji

Yaji-san too is an experienced America’s Cup sailor and a member of Nippon Challenge team competing for the “Auld Mug” in 2000 and OneWorld Challenge in  2003. Yaji-san has contested the cup four times. Over 1994 – 2013 he raced the World Match Racing Tour with Peter. Yaji-san also played a vital role in the YANMAR Racing Team over the periode 2009 to 2013.

A leading figure in the Japanes sailing world, Yaji-san balances his time between a wide range of sailing activities including coaching the Singapore National Team, acting as race director of  America’s Cup World Series Fukuoka, and commenting on television about the America’s Cup.

Sam Gilmour

Sam is Peter’s second son, now a young sailor of 25 years of age. Born into a sailing family, he has participated in sailing races since his childhood, and already an impressive  list of sailing achievements to his name. As well as his achievements on the match racing tour, Sam is also active in the highly competitive M32 catemaran racing circuit, where he continues to burnish his sailing credentials.

YANMAR and the sea

Yanmar has a very closely-knit relationship with the sea and water.
With extensice experience and technological prowess accumulated over the years, Yanmar will continue to provide products and services such as high-performance and high quality marine engines, drive systems and ships to marine communities around the world.